Immigration Services

At Whitefield’s Solicitors, we understand that the post-Brexit era marks a new phase for the UK. As immigration laws undergo transformations, so do the challenges faced by individuals aspiring to make this dynamic country their home. With the ever-changing landscape of immigration law, our firm stands ready to assist you with our expertise, compassion, and unwavering commitment. Recognising the distinct nature of each immigration journey, we acknowledge that there is no universal solution that applies to every case. Whether your goal is British citizenship, entry clearance, or navigating the intricacies of business and work visas, our team of seasoned professionals is at hand to deliver personalised solutions that align with your aspirations.

Our Senior Immigration Advisor, Mrs. Nadia Ali, brings a wealth of experience to handle all our firm’s immigration matters. With an impressive 20 years in the field, Mrs. Ali is well-versed in the complexities of immigration law. Overseeing her work is Mr. Majid Shafiq, the Senior Partner at Whitefield’s Solicitors, ensuring that our clients benefit from a high level of expertise and guidance.

Our Legal Fees:

We pride ourselves on delivering a transparent service to our clients, we understand the difficulty in budgeting finances. In order to make costs clearer, our firm works primarily by way of fixed fee. Our cost will be defined and fixed after we have been able to assess the time at which we anticipate your case may take. Once we fix our fee for the relevant service, it will not be varied upwards or downwards once instructed. As the organisation is VAT registered 20% VAT will be added to your fees if the applicant is settled in the UK or has had leave to remain. 

All client care letters and quotes sent have a validity period of 14 days and are subject to change if instructions are not received within the 14 days of the client care letting being sent.

The only way that we can fairly fix the fee for a service is after understanding the facts of the case in question. We offer such consultations over the phone or in person if resources permit. This typically can be done free of charge, although it may be chargeable depending on complexity and resources.

After our initial free over the phone consultation, we will be better placed to determine the amount that you will be charged for the service in question, excluding disbursements, which primarily will be Home Office Fees (examples of potential disbursement list are provided below).

The fixed fee includes reviewing documents, all attendances, written and telephone correspondence with the client and relevant third parties. It also covers the preparation, and submission of applications together with relevant supporting documents and providing advice on the outcomes and deadlines for further remedies in applicable. In cases of appeals, the fixed fee includes the preparation and submission of the Appeal bundle to the Tribunal and relevant parties, communication of key dates to the client, and the request for expert evidence where necessary and instructing Counsel to represent at Tribunal.

We have provided the table below in relation to what you may expect the cost of our service to be. If the facts of your case are complex and/or there are unforeseen circumstances, the cost may exceed the fees specified in the table below.

Whitefield’s Solicitors "Starting from" Fees List

(Please note the fees quoted here do not include VAT or disbursements)

Type of Service Fees Starting From:

  • Consultation (for up to 30 minutes) FREE
  • Naturalisation or Registration £1,000
  • PBS Dependant £1,500
  • EEA Applications £2,000
  • Married and Unmarried Partner ECO applications £1,250
  • Extension application £1,250
  • Child Dependant Applications £2,000
  • ILR Applications £2,000
  • Tier 1 Entrepreneur and Investor Applications £3,500
  • Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur £2,000
  • Tier 2 Applications / Skilled Worker £2,000
  • Tier 4 Applications £1,000
  • Tier 5 Applications £1,000
  • Sponsor Licence Application £3,000
  • Deportation Revocation (excluding court attendance) £2,000
  • Grounds of Appeal £800
  • Representation before the First Tier Tribunal £3,000
  • Representation before the Upper Tier Tribunal £2,500
  • Other Categories £2,000


The Home Office fees and any associated expenses for third parties are paid by you directly to the
relevant authority/company. The table above relates to our legal fees only. An example of
disbursements for immigration cases may include, but are not limited to;

  • Visa application fees;
  • NHS fees (known as the IHS surcharge);
  • Translation of documents; translator fees;
  • Fees for expert reports;
  • Postage costs;

Many of the above example disbursements may not apply to your case and are listed to give an
indication of typical immigration related costs. As these fees do not relate to fees set by Whitefield’s
Solicitors we are unable to confirm the cost until we are formally instructed to act for you in
your immigration case.


The timeline for the preparation and submission of immigration applications typically spans
approximately four to six weeks, unless urgency is warranted, such as in immigration appeals (please note this may attract an additional charge). If we are not able to submit your application within the
prescribed timescales we will let you know at the earliest opportunity.

After submission of the application the duration is primarily determined by the Home Office and/or
the Tribunal. Their respective timelines are available on their websites (which are subject to periodic
changes). For more detailed information regarding processing times please refer to the website: Visa processing times: applications inside the UK – GOV.UK ( and Visa processing times: applications outside the UK – GOV.UK (